Macoto Murayama / 村山 誠

1984 Born in Kanagawa
2007 Miyagi University, Department of Spatial Design and Information Systems (Course: Spatial Design)
2009 Institute of Advanced Media Art and Sciences (IAMAS), Media Expression Dept., completed.
2009-2010 Researcher at IAMAS

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Latent Views”,  BLOK art space, Istanbul
2017 “Solo Show”, EMA London
2016 “Macoto Murayama: growth and form”, D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee
2015 “KOSMOS”, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, Berlin
2014 “Botech Compositions”, Metal Culture at Edge Hill Station, Liverpool
2011 “Inorganic flora“, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibition

2019 “Insects: Models for Design”, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo
2018 “Interfacce del Presente”, BASE Milano on the occasion of Milano Digital Week 2019, Milan
2017 “Schön vergänglich – Blumen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst“,  Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Munich
2017 “On Botany”,  BLOK art space, Istanbul
2017 “Calculated Imagination“, La Foret Museum, Tokyo
2016 “Meristematic”, The Royal Society, London
2016 “Eco-Expanded City” WRO Biennale, WRO Art Center, Wroclaw
2015 “Heaven and Hell. From magic carpets to drones“, Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain, Brussels
2015 “modell SCHAU“, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, Berlin
2015 “Picture Perfect“, Viasaterna, Milan
2015 “The Future of Making Things” Autodesk Gallery Pop-up Tokyo
2014 “Japan Media Arts Festival in Aichi “CODE-my cosmos / my stories””, Expo Memorial Park, Aichi
2013 “Design ANY Tokyo“, Aoyama CI Plaza, Tokyo
2013  Autodesk Gallery, San-Francisco
2013 “Flora Danica ZOOM“, Natural History Museum, Copenhagen
2012 “OUT of FLAT!“, Galerie Hengevoss Duerkop, Hamburg
2010 “2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic, Gallery, Tokyo
2009 “Exhibition of Objects Under Observation”(with Toshitaka Mochizuki), art project frantic, Tokyo
2009 “My Favorite Things, Unseal Contemporary and art project frantic Joint Exhibition”, Tokyo
2009 “Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2009”, Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo
2009 “PLAYING BACK SURFACE Ⅱ “, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art Civic Gallery, Aichi
2009 “IAMAS 2009“, Softopia Japan Center Builiding, Gifu, Japan
2008 “OGAKI BIENNALE 2008“, Takaya-cho Underpass, Gifu, Japan


2019 “CoSTUME NATIONAL”, Tokyo
2016 “SHISEIDO|White Lucent 2017SS”
2013 “Any Tokyo”, Tokyo
2013 “solaé art gallery project“, Tokyo
2011 “Panasonic Hollywood Labs – Brand Video


2018 “Kyoto Journal
2018 “The Botanical Bible
2018 “INKQ Edition #4”, Inky Leaves Publishing, London
2018 “SciArt Magazine”
2017 “Terra Meter
2017 “Plant: Exploring the Botanical World
2017 “P.M.”
2015 “Patek Philippe”
2010 “WIRED Magazine


2017 “Asia Digital Art Award“, Asia Digital Art Award/Fukuoka Governor’s Award/The Minister of MEXT Award
2009 “Asia Digital Art Award”, Grand Prize
2007 “11th Japan Media Arts Festival”, Jury Selections

Public Collection

Pigozzi Collection“, Geneva